NorCal Margarita

Paleo or not paleo, the NorCal Margarita is a favorite among many for it’s delicious flavor, simplicity and multiple health benefits. I am not a doctor and can’t legally give health advice, but I run around telling people I drink because these are good for me. Here is some information on the NorCal Margarita as well as the recipe.

Norcal Margarita

So you’ve been kicking butt eating clean, your sleeping better, you have more energy but you realized you didn’t have a social life anymore. You may even be realizing you haven’t had an adult beverage in a long time. That is where the NorCal Margarita comes into play.

NorCal Margarita

You may already be asking yourself a very common question in your head right now…….Is this paleo? To that I ask you, do you think it is Paleo?

This drink has been made famous by the hilarious Robb Wolf and tested, tested and retested by many Cross fitters and Paleo enthusiasts. I have personally tested it a “few” times and it always seems to taste delicious. Besides the taste, this norcal margarita is better than any other sugar laden drink.

Our goals living a Paleo lifestyle are simple:

  1. Eat Better
  2. Feel Better
  3. Sleep Better
  4. Smile Better

Did you know that you could master all 4 of those simple ideals with this one drink? In all seriousness, the reason we all recommend the norcal margarita is the quality and simplicity of the ingredients you put into your body. If you have a look at some standard margarita mixes, you might get sick. Want to see, here is an example:

  • Agave
  • High fructose corn syrup
  • Citric acid
  • Sugar
  • Corn starch
  • Sodium benzoate
  • Sodium citrate
  • Yellow #5
  • Blue #1
  • Natural and artificial flavors
  • Juice solids
  • Junk
  • Junk
  • More Junk

No thank you to all that junk. I will take the simple and delicious NorCal Margarita.

Healthy Paleo Drink

The NorCal Margarita is a lot better for you than traditional drinks because it doesn’t have any of the nasty internal side effects like spiking your insulin levels, promoting fat storage or dehydrating the heck out of you.

  • Adding citrus to drinks blunts the insulin response of alcohol (which is why we use limes)
  • The Tequila being used is from agave and is gluten and starch free (can also use grape vodka)
  • The carbonation of the club soda delivers ethanol to your blood quicker. You can drink less and get the same buzz.
  • Less drinks equals less bathroom breaks while trying to sleep through the night (I made this one up)

Without that being said, alcohol is still alcohol and we want you to make healthy choices and be informed. I hope you will try and love a NorCal Margarita. Enjoy the recipe :)

NorCal Margarita Recipe

The NorCal Margarita recipe can be made in a few simple steps. Make sure you use a 20 ounce glass:

1. Pour 2 shots (3 ounces) of 100% agave tequila.
2. Add juice + pulp from one lime.
3. Add ice and shake.
4. Fill glass with soda water.
5. Garnish with salt, if desired.

Muddled mint also goes well, for a mojito-esque twist.